#1 BARSKA Biometric Gun Safe

Hitting #1 on my list is the BARSKA Biometric Gun Safe. As biometric gun safes go, this is as dependable as it gets.

If you want a well-built, affordable, highly reliable biometric safe, this is the safe to get. This safe by BARSKA is durable, easy to set up, and very practical for daily use. During my tests, I had ZERO false opens with children or adults who were not programmed into the system.

The size of this safe is great!  I was able to fit the 1911 and Glock as previous, 2 mags, 2 boxes of ammo, and other miscellaneous documents, with room to spare!  But this may also be a drawback for those who wish to have a safe that doesn’t stand out as much. It is rather large and heavy and has ‘mount me’ written all over it. Hopefully, your closet shelves are strong enough to support this bad boy.

Another minor drawback is the loud ‘beeping’ tones it makes during operation, which unfortunately cannot be silenced. But if you can get over these small quirks, then I have no doubt that you will be happy that you purchased this biometric gun safe!

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#2 Gunvault MVB500

The MVB500 makes the list due to its design and portability. I must admit that it took a few attempts to get this safes consistency under control. There is a bit of a learning curve, but once you learn how to scan your finger correctly, the MVB500′s features really shine.

Programming is a breeze, although it is imperative that owners learn how to program good fingerprints from the start to ensure near perfect access. Additionally, owners should consistently swipe their finger EXACTLY the way they did when they programmed it. If these two simple steps are taken, then you shouldn’t have any problems with this safe.

This safe can hold 2 guns and a couple magazines depending on size. I was able to fit a Glock 19 and 1911 in mine. It’s light and portable and can easily be carried in a suitcase or medium sized bag. The designers at GunVault did well keeping the MVB500 slim and sleek.  However, if you looking to secure your pistol from theft you may want to look into getting larger, heavier safe.

A few other things worth mentioning is that the battery life is good, audible sounds can be turned off, and the customer service is excellent. (I called because of the poor instructions included in the box).

#3 Stack-On PS-10-B Biometric Personal Safe

The Stack-On PS-10-B comes in at #3 mainly because of its affordability.  It isn’t the best biometric safe on the market right now, but for its price, it is a good place to start. There are, however, some features on this safe that make up for this.

A few common complaints about this safe is that the scanner seems can get a bit ‘buggy’ at times, and can be hard to set up. Of the 3 biometric safes I’ve reviewed on this list, this safe gave me the most unsuccessful openings. Another common complaint is the tendency for the battery cover to fall off after you close the safe a few times. In addition, battery life wasn’t that good lasting a little over a month for mine. Did I mention that the motor sound can get annoying?

Now I know it may seem like I am ragging on this safe, but please know that it wouldn’t have made it to my top 3 without any notable features.  First of all, unlike any biometric safe on the market right now,  this safe has 3 ways to be opened: biometrics, keypad, and a backup key. This is great when you need to get into your safe quickly! As advertised the door is pretty secure with concealed hinges and 2 thick steel locking bolts, and it is recessed rather nicely. There is plenty of storage space (we fit 4 handguns inside plus a ton of other stuff).

You definitely get what you pay for with the Stack-On PS-10-B. This safe is a very affordable biometric safe that will get the job done, period. But if you are looking for something with fewer bugs and more polished, then I recommend checking out the other 2 safes on the list.

Long Guns

BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe

The only biometric gun safe made for rifles worth mentioning is the BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe. What makes this safe awesome is that it is everything the BARSKA Biometric Gun Safe is, except it’s made for long guns. As a matter of fact, many satisfied customers of the smaller BARSKA biometric safe, often graduate and purchase this rifle safe for the long guns in their collection.

Coming in at less than $300, this safe can store up-to four of your long rifles, handguns and ammunition. Its shelves are removable, and the safe is made with six mounting points at the rear. (mounting hardware included).