Learning and implementing home defense tactics has never been so accessible and affordable as today. Of course, there are different degrees of implementation within your decision to improve the security of your home or business. So it is helpful to bring a sense of reality, not everybody will have the time and money to cover every angle or every single weakness a particular location has, so why not start with the basics. And nowadays the basics have never been easier or more accessible to the common head of the family.

In the handgun safes market, GunVault is particularly making remarkable strides due to the complete line of self-defense vaults they have been able to put out and sustain throughout the last 5 years. Currently, they have models for almost all of the security needs (Nanovault, Minivault, Multivault, Microvault, Drawervault, and Speedvault) in this entry we will be showcasing the Speedvault, which has a digital and biometric lock versions.

From my own experience, the GunVault Speedvault SV-500 is the one model gun users inquire about more frequently and it makes sense it is that way. The SV500 is one of the most effective solutions we have seen to address both security and quickness at the time of real life home defense event. The video below explains it all, I guess there is not much we can add. Obviously, a handgun safe like the Speedvault Sv-500 is not designed to provide you with the best anti-burglary protection, nor it really needs to, the idea is for it to remain affordable, and provide an efficient barrier against your own children, house workers, or house dwellers.

A great deal of gun owners that come to buy large gun safes also acquires a Speedvault from Gunvault. Why? During a home invasion, will you have time to run to your gun safe open it, load your rifle and react quickly enough? Most probably not. Surprisingly a big percentage of gun safe owners place all of their handguns inside the long rifle safe and don’t consider an extreme scenario like a home invasion in their plans. The Speedvault addresses this, and our readers are getting it (Amazon also give combos to buy the rifle safe and handgun safe together).

It’s really a simple but effective product that I strongly recommend.