Purchasing a gun safe in which to store your firearms is an excellent decision.  Like silent sentinels, gun safes are meant to provide two-fold protection: keeping your children or visiting youngsters safe from accidental harm, and making it difficult, if not impossible for your guns to be stolen during a break-in.  Once you have decided on the safe you want and have gotten it, you will probably want to upgrade it with accessories that will let you enjoy and use your safe even more.


Where you live will have some bearing on how much moisture will accumulate in your gun safe.  Humid regions, naturally, are much more likely to suffer from this problem, but temperature variations can cause condensation anywhere.  No one wants their guns to rust because of moisture, and you can prevent this by using desiccants or electric dehumidifiers.  An electric dehumidifier is a rod that uses the hole present in most safes and will heat the inside air, causing moisture to rise.  Most gun safes have a ‘breathing hole’ that will allow the moist air to leave.  Desiccants are a non-electric solution and will simply absorb moisture from the air.  These can usually be renewed by heating them in the oven.

Lighting Solutions

A large gun safe is something like a cavern, and unless your safe has already come with a lighting system, you might want to install one.  Although many gun safes offer this as an option when you order, it is also possible for you to install a lighting system yourself.  Keep in mind that in order for this option to work, you safe must have a predrilled hole through which to route the electric cord.

Rifle Rods

If you have reached the limit of your storage space for your long guns, it is possible that rifle rods can allow you to fit a few more in.  Depending on your safe, it is often possible to add 30% to 50% more guns.  Rifle rods are plastic rods with a ‘hook’ Velcro button on top.  When you are using rifle rods, you will staple the ‘loop’ piece of Velcro fabric (you need a wooden shelf) to the bottom of your gun safe shelf.  After the rods have been inserted, it is only necessary to place the gun in the safe and extend the rod until the button touches the loop fabric – this will hold your gun upright without the need for a rack.

Pistol Storage

Throwing pistols on a shelf can not only make it hard to find the firearm, but can also damage it.  Pistols can be stored safely and neatly in several ways.  Handgun hangers are devices that allow you to hang your pistols on the underside of a shelf, keeping them readily available as well as safer.  Another approach to pistol storage is a door organizer that has holders for pistols.  Many of these pistol storage organizers rely on Velcro holders for easy positioning.  There are also a variety of pistol racks that will fit onto gun safe shelves to keep your handguns neater and less likely to get scratched or dented.

Miscellaneous Accessories

Jewelry boxes designed for installation under gun safe shelving will offer you a place for those special precious items, protecting them from damage and making it easy to locate them.  These drawers are available in a range of sizes and are a good place to also store passports and other important documents.

Many gun owners have found that pistol and gun socks will help keep their firearms in pristine condition while in the safe.  Not only do these socks protect guns from scratches and dings, most are impregnated with silicon so that they offer moisture protection as well.  Gun socks will generally fit over guns whether they have scopes or not.

When you are worried about the possible destruction of important papers or other media during a fire (most gun safes will reach an interior temperature of over 300 degrees F during a house fire), you may want to add a ‘cooler’ to your gun safe.  These are available in either a soft or hard form and will usually keep the contents up to 50 degrees F cooler than the surrounding air.